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Once Upon a Time…..A long, long time ago. Not that long ago and this is'nt a fairy tale, this is the real deal!  A Queen was born in Dorchester, Massachusetts.  She wasn’t your conventional Queen, she was born into poverty instead of royalty and lived in an apartment instead of a castle and had a life filled with obstacles, adversity and hassle.  She knew in her heart that you are what you think so don’t tell yourself you stink and that she held a PHD (Poor Hungry & Driven) from the Adversity University. She went to night school and became a Bond Trader and thought nothing could be greater.  She opened her own trading firm and when it started to fail it made her cry and squirm. She decided that if she was going down she wasn’t going down with a frown. So she designed a RA! RA! Regimen to follow to help her with her sorrow and began writing RA-isms which are funny, inspiRAtional rhymes to help her through the tough times.  She used her muscle and did the hustle and waited tables (oh boy what a fable) and decided to forget the pity party and to show up for herself and not be tardy. She began spending time with The Triplets (me, myself and I) and asked lots of questions such as how and why??   Then one bright sunny day she made a confession that had nothing to do with money or possessions.   She always wanted to have a TV show and be an Entertainer and she started singing I Will Survive by Gloria Gainer.  She created the RA! RA! with LauRA TV Show and many volunteers came to her aid to make it a go.   She slapped on some stick and banged on some bling and decided to laugh and sing!!!  The show has been airing for 5 years now and people love it and say wow. She is now known as the Queen of RA! RA! who helps chase away the bla, bla.  Her show helps people kick the K away from FUNK and have FUN and spreads RA-arism to everyone!  
                                                                                                                                                                                                  - The Beginning