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Fran Hart was a Mature Musican who was the Police Chief for the town of Burlington. We enjoyed his music and he wowed us all. Here are a few videos:

Fran Hart singing I'm A Believer

Fran Hart Singing Sometime in the Morning

Click here to contact Fran

Chuck Furtado


Chuck's Interview



Chuck Furtado wowed us with a few love songs for our "Love Train" Show.  He is a Hingham resident, a mortgage broker by day and volunteers at the Hingham and Hull Senior Centers.  He has been playing the guitar and singing professionally since the age of 13.   To hire him you can just email  him.       

Click here to email Chuck:

One of my favorite Mature Musicians is my cousin Suzie.  Suzie and I spent many of summers together while I was visiting my gandparents home in New York.  I always remember her singing and playing the guitar and always knew she would be a rock star.  She is now playing in a band called Shakin Not Stirred in Pennsylvania, is  a mom of two cute little boys and has a nice big girl job during the day and is a "Rocker Mom" on nights and weekend.  We love to play her music on the RA! RA! with LauRA Show.   Here is the link to her Web site.

Click here for Cousin Suzie's Web Site

Earth Harmony has performed on our show and we think they are fabulous.  They sang a few of their own songs and delighted our audience and viewers.  We loved them so much that they are featured in our trailer, group number 2.  If you want to hire them you can contact Chris Nordstrom at 781-659-1613 or  

Peter Prasinos appeared on our show and wowed us all with his musical ability!  Peter is a resident of Hull and plays at places such as the Snug and The Fox and Hound.  He sings and plays the guitar.  We loved having him on The RA! RA! with LauRA Show and we are giving him a thumbs up! 

You can reach Peter Prasinos at 617-791-3622 

The Academy Avenue Singers are a  group from Weymouth who have appeared on the RA! RA! with LauRA Show.  They are in our trailer singing We'll Sing in the Sunshine.  They are wonderful and very talented!  You can contact them at 781-337-2747.  Tell them RA! RA! sent you.  

Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee was fabulous.  Tommy works at the Marshfield Post Office and everyday during his lunch hour 11:30 - 12:00 he RA-arises the world and plays his guitar and sings in front of the Post Office.  If you want to hire him call 781-837-0361.  He gets our RA! RA! Raving. 


Larry & LauRA sang for one of our Christmas Shows.  They decided to unwrap their God given gift and re-gift it one Christmas!

RA! RA! with LauRA is © and ® of Laura Sheridan, but besides all that the opposite of RA!RA! is AR AR and don't let a pirate be your fate mate!