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This page is for my FANtastic Fans.  You are the people who watch the RA! RA! with LauRA Show and support me.   I love you and you  all are the shining stars that surround me and give me the strength to keep putting one high heel in front of the other and love one another.   Keep laughing, reaching, growing and most of all glowing. 
If you see me out and about and want a picture just do what Jim did here and take one.  We were in the supermarket and I thought it was super!!!  We will put you up on our site and if you ever feel you are losing sight you can just go to it!  
Peace, Love & RA!RA! 


Sarah & Taylor - they made cool signs!


Jim & I - note the lights shining down on us


A big thanks goes out to the FANtastic FAN who left this on the RA! RA! Mobile.  You stopped and took the time to write this and stick it on my windshield.  It is held close to my heart!

RA! RA! with LauRA is © and ® of Laura Sheridan, but besides all that the opposite of RA! RA! is AR AR and don't let a pirate be your fate mate!