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    "All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle"
                                 - Francis of Assisi


"Courage is stepping up even though you know you might get stepped on"                              
"Just put one high heel in front of the other, and try to love one another"                            
"Ya got to be out there to be out there"                            
"Abracadabra Ala Shalam I wish for peace throughout the land"                            
"Magic beans they keep you young and lean"
"When we judge we can cause a smudge"
" You are never too old to do something bold"
" Throw someone a kiss even if you have a bad aim and you miss"
" Try, try, sigh, sigh before you can fly high"
" Give a hug instead of being smug"


For Now

For now I will get myself up and dressed
For now I will not look back or forward because I might get depressed
For now I will embrace the day with a smile
For now I will stop and thank God and look to the heavens for a while
For now I will not blame others or point my finger 
For now I will be kind instead of mean because that could linger 
For now I will be responsible for myself
For now I will not cast aside my feelings and put them on a shelf
For now I will love like I have never been hurt
For now I will not worry that I cannot fit into my skirt
For now I will be happy for what I have and had
For now I will just simply be thankful and most of all glad

 -LauRA Sheridan


The RA! RA! Poem

As I go through my day with worry and dismay
I will look to the heavens and RA!RA! I will say
When gloom and darkness come by my side
These few words will take me on a joy ride
I will make myself laugh, love and smile
Even if it takes a long time or a short while
My spirit will be lifted and a bright light will shine on me
Because RA! RA! will shine a light of hope for all to see

- LauRA Sheridan

Could of Done Better
There once was a lady who said she could have done better
If you ran into her she would tell you that when you met her
In her eyes she could always have done better than another
If she wasn’t always talking about others
She would point her finger and criticize
Especially when others gave something a try
Convinced she was smarter than the wise woman up the street
After all, she was well-educated and with her intellect she didn’t miss a beat
This lady would of, should of and of course could have done better
But in the end, she couldn’t have done better because she was waiting for someone to let her!
                                                              - LauRA Sheridan

More RA-isms By LauRA

"Find your passion and it will bring cash in"
" I will not look back on my bad decision only forward with great vision"
"Don't eat that extra treat it could enlarge your seat"
" I thought I had all the answers until I started asking myself lots of questions"
" Life is easy it's the world that makes it hard"
" You are what you think so don't tell yourself you stink"
" It's not a crime to write these rhymes in lime"

It Is What It Is

It is what it is so let it go
It's not up to you to understand it or know
God made a decision for this to be
If you try to change it you will never be free
A great disappointment, loss or anger you feel
Whatever it is your soul will be able to heal
I am sure you have heard of blessings in disguise
Sometimes we have knowledge, smarts and are even very wise
But we still feel the need to cry and sorrow we may bestow
It is what it is so let it go
And you will find it will allow you to grow

-  LauRA Sheridan

"I don't want to be a bitter old lady yelling about the apples
in the supermarket when I am really not angry about the
apples.  I am angry that I didn't follow my dreams".

- LauRA Sheridan

The Man I Love

God watch over the man I love
Help him stop today and look to the heavens above
Let him know that he can cry if he needs to
That it is not a sign of weakness but to himself he is true
Make him understand that he doesn't always need the answers to all the questions
That I will still love him and give him all my affections
Allow him to listen to his inner voice and you speaking in his ear
To help him cope with the wordly things and chase away all his fear
Most of all let him know there is a woman in the world that loves him so
She is always praying for him and her love is deep and it will always flow

- LauRA Sheridan                                                                       

I Like You But I’m Afraid of You

I like you but I’m afraid of you

Is what the man said to her with eyes of blue

He had such interest in what she was saying

But wasn’t sure if to God he was obeying

A woman to have such courage, wisdom and insight

He questioned how she could cause him to laugh in one moment and the next feel fright

What if she was a witch, a magician or maybe even a wizard?

Could she put him under a spell and turn him into a toad or worse a lizard

I like you but I’m afraid of you what is a man to do?

But listen to his own inner voice and to himself be true


 - LauRA Sheridan  


For every girl who is tired of acting weak when she is strong,
There is a boy tired of appearing strong when he feels vunerable.
For every boy who is burdened with the constant expectations of knowing everything,
There is a girl tired of people not trusting her intelligence
For every girl who is tired of being called over sensitive,
There is a boy who fears to be gentle and weep.
For every boy from whom competition is the only way to prove his masculinity,
There is a girl who is called unfeminine when she competes.
For every girl who throws out her E-Z Bake Oven,
There is a boy who wishes to find one.
For every boy struggling not to let advertising dictate his desires,
There is a girl facing the Ad Industry's attack on her self esteem.
For every girl who takes a step toward her liberation,
There is a boy who finds the way to freedom easier

- Unknown

Hair Movement


Some hair from my head moved to a new place

While I was sleeping it packed up and moved to the side of my face

At first I wasn’t sure of what was going on  
But after further investigation I thought I might have to change my name to Ron
On the top of my head was a bald spot
At the age of 46 I never would of thought
I said to myself I hope this isn’t a race
For the hairs on my head to get to my face  
What does a lady do in a situation like this?
But to stop and think about all she has and eat a candy kiss 
Then change her hairstyle and reach for a bandana 
And make an appointment with that Electrolysist named Anna!


- LauRA Sheridan


Teenage Son Prayer
Dear God watch over my teenager today
Help him to get to where he needs to be and say what he needs to say
When worldly pressures start to wear on him
I pray that he will have the ability to raise his chin
Keep him safe from drugs and alcohol
Let him know there are other ways to have a ball
If he is different or stands out from the crowd
I hope he can still feel confident and keep walking proud
If he is teased or made fun of for who he is or is not
I pray that he will keep trying and give many things a shot
Please whisper in his ear as the day goes by
That he is loved especially if he begins to sigh
I ask that you rock him in your arms like I used to
But most of all carry him if that’s what he needs you to do 
- His Mom

RA! RA! with LauRA is a © and a ® of Laura Sheridan, but besides all that the opposite of RA!RA! is AR AR and don't let a pirate be your fate mate!